The main changes in version 3.0 are :

Dashboard for Timeo for Windows

This new window can display the following indicators :

  • the summary of the work done in a given period.










  • the list of things to do : Todo list ( only for the professional edition ).












Project tracking item preview

The project tracking item preview pane located at the bottom of the project tracking list shows the content of the selected item :

  • Project name, priority, status, ...
  • Start date and end date.
  • Duration and progress.
  • Notes, comments.


Search function

New function to search for tasks according to different criteria :

  • Projects.
  • Activities.
  • Dates.
  • tasks that contains some keywords in "Title" and "Notes" fields.
  • etc
Display seconds in reports

A new option allows to select the time display format in the reports, regardless of the format selected in the 'Options' dialog box.

Display format

3 new formats are available for displaying the start time, end time and duration with a one second precision.

Whatever the display format, the calculations are always made to the second. For more information on the accuracy of calculation and display format visit the FAQ.

Folders for activities

It is now possible to create folders to classify activities.

dossiers activites

The folders arejust containersfor classifyingactivities.Itcan not beused as agrouping levelin the reports.

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