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Step 5 : Predecessors.


In reality, the 2 tasks « Saw » and « Sand » can not be performed simustaneously. It should already saw the parts before sanding. We have to create a relation between the 2 tasks to indicate that the "Sand" task can not begin until the " Saw " task is not completed. The "  Saw " task is called a predecessor of " Sand ". To do so :

1/ Double click on « Sand » to open the projects tracking dialog.

2/ Click on the « Predecessors » tab.

3/ Click on the « Add » button, and select the item : « Table/Table top/Saw »

table 18 en

table 19 en

As you can see in the projects tracking window, the start date of the « Sand » task is now egual to the end date of the « Saw » task.

table 20 en

If you want the start date of a task to be temporarily calculated without taking into account predecessors, you can uncheck the "Predecessors" box in the "Project tracking" tab of the "Projects" dialog.

The color is used in the calendar view and in the Gantt chart.
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