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Step 4 : Set the working time of each elementary task.

In Timéo, a task is defined as an activity related to a project : for example « Cut the parts » of the « Table top » or « Sand the parts » of the « Table top ».

To be able to calculate the end date of the project, Timéo must know the expected duration for each elementary task. For example :

Task Duration
Saw the different parts of the table top 2 hours
Sand the parts 4 hours
Put together 1 hour


First, we have to insert the activity " Saw " as a sub-item of the project "Table top"

To do so, in the "Projects tracking" window :

1/ Select the sub-project « table top », then click on the "Add an activity" button :

table 10 en

2/ In the dialog, select the activity « Saw » created in step 2  :

table 11 en

3/ Then, we can enter the duration of the elementary task in the "Project tracking" tab ( 1 ) :

table 12 en

4/ If you do not start working on the project immediately, check the « Start : » box and select the planned start date. If the box is uncheked, the project will begin as soon as possible.

5/ Save your changes and close the dialog box.

In the projects tracking window you can see the new item « Saw », as a child of « Table top ».

table 13 en

The task « Saw the parts of the Table top » has the following characteristics :

  • The task sould begin November 14, 2011 at 8:00 AM.
  • The duration of the task ( Total time ) is 2 hours.
  • The time spent on this task is 0 hour.
  • The time left is 2 hours.
  • The task must be completed November 14, 2011 at 10h00 AM. (For the demonstration, the working time allocated for unscheduled tasks was set to zero. See Tools->Options, « Projects tracking » tab ).

6/ The same way, we can add the activity « Sand » with a duration of 4 hours.

table 14 en

The 2 tasks « Saw » and « Sand » are carried out simultaneously with the same priority, and 50% of the working time is assigned to each task.

To change the percentage of working time assigned to the tasks you have to change the priority of the tasks in the "Projects tracking" dialog :

table 17 en

For example, if you select the highest priority for « Saw » the percentage of working time allocated is now 85% for " Saw " and et 15% for « Sand » and " Saw " is supposed to be ended sooner. Please see Timéo help file for more information on the priority.

table 16 en

The « Sand » task is supposed to be ended a 3:00 PM because Timéo takes into account the lunch break as defined in the « Working day » tab of the « Options » dialog :

table 15 en

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