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Step 3 : The projets tracking window.


The "projects tracking" view displays the result of the scheduling and allows to track the progress of projects. This view is fully customizable. You can :

  • Hide some projects.
  • Choose columns to display.
  • Reorder columns.
  • Sort projects by ascending or descending order.
  • Show or hide the Gantt chart.

For more information, please see Timéo help file.

If the "projects tracking" window is hidden, just click on the "Projects tracking" button in the main toolbar.

table 9 en

This window can be displayed either in the central part of Timéo ( as the tasks view or reports ), either as a floating or docking pane. Right clicking on the window caption bar brings up a context menu with options to make the window "Floating", "Dockable" or "Tabbed Document".

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