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Step 1 : Project and sub-projects.


The table is composed of 3 sub-items : the table top, the legs and a drawer. At this step, we will create the customer "Smith", a project "Table" and 3 sub-projects : "Table top", "Legs" and "Drawer".

1 / In the « Projects / Activities » window, click on the "Add a project" button :

table 1 en

2/ In the « New project » dialog enter the name of the item ( 1 ) and select « Customer » as type ( 2 )

table 2 en

Items of different type are treated identically by the scheduling engine and the only difference is the image associated with the item.

You can also change the color of the item ( 3 ). This color is used in the calendar view and in the Gantt chart.

3/ Click on « Ok » to create the item.

table 3 en

4/ In the same way, we can create the project : « Table » of type "Project" and defined as a child of the customer "Mr Smith".

table 4 en

if you select an item in the list of projects before opening the dialog, it will be considered as the parent of the new project.

5/ The same way, we can create sub-items « Table top », « Legs » and « Drawer » . These items are of type "Sub-projects" and are children of the project "Table".

table 5 en

The projects tree support  "Drag & Drop" reordering and parent changing.

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