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Since version 2.0, it is possible to modify several tasks simultaneously.

Step 1 : Create a report

Using the report wizard, create a simple report showing tasks detail.

modif taches etape 1 en

You can use the filter options of the Report wizard ( dates, projects, activities ) to refine you search.

Step 2 : Select the tasks to change.

In the data view of the report, select the tasks you want to change by clicking the checkbox at the beginning of the line.

modif taches etape 2 en

Step 3 : Edit tasks.

1/  Right click the mouse button to open the contextual menu. Select : Selection -> Edit.

modif taches etape 3 en

2/ To modify the project of selected tasks, check the "Project" box and select the new project in the list. Do the same for activity and hourly rate.

modif taches etape 4 en

3/ Click on the "Edit" button, then click on "Yes" in the confirmation dialog.

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