This new release comes with some important new features :

Sub projects :

It is now possible to create sub-projects. Each project or sub-project can be personalized by an icon.

In the Projects view, it is possible to re-order the projects or re-arrange the hierarchy directly with the mouse using "Drag and Drop"




Projects planning and projects tracking :

A new dialog for projects allows to define new parameters for project planning as :

  • Priority.
  • Status.
  • Time planned.
  • Start date and end date planned.

 Projects-project tracking

At any time, you can update the percentage progress of the project and Timéo adjusts the schedule for you.

Based on these parameters, Timéo calculates the earliest and latest dates for tasks for the optimal schedule. The results are displayed in the "Project tracking" window.

Projects tracking

Several indicators are used to quickly check the status of projects and identify the tasks that fall behind.

The result of planning can also be displayed as a Gantt chart :



Enhancement of the "Drag and Drop" feature in calendar view :

Enhancement of Drag and Drop functionnality in week mode of calendar view.

When using drag and drop to move or copy a task, it is now possible to use automatic day scrolling by approching the cursor left or right edge of the window.



Timéo Tray dialog :

New dialog with more informations ::

  • Toolbar.
  • Summary ( User + duration of the current task+ total time worked today ).
  • Detail of the current task.
  • Bargraph of the working day.
  • Favorites / History.
Timéo Tray

All these informations can be hidden.

An other semi-transparent dialog is available to display only main informations  ( duration of the current task,  total time worked today).

Tray-3 Tray-3En


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