Frequently Asked Questions - Timeo for Windows

For the moment, Timéo has no built-in function to export a report directly to PDF. This is possible through an intermediate virtual PDF printer.

For this :

  • Download and install a virtual PDF printer ( for example, you can use DoroPDF Writer available for free ).
  • In report view, select the print mode, then click on
  • Select the PDF printer, then click "Ok".

Yes, Timéo can be used on Linux with Wine.

Timéo has been succesfully tested on Ubuntu 11.04.

PDF printing can be done with PDF Printer for CUPS.

This is because the individual times are displayed as rounded numbers.

Internally, Timéo records the beginning and the end of tasks with a one second precision. All calculations in reports or planning projects are done with an accuracy of one second.

Generally, time display is rounded to the nearest minute :

  • 1 hour 9 minutes and 29 secondes ( or less ) is rounded : 1h 9 mn.
  • 1 hour 9 minutes and 30 secondes ( or more ) is rounded : 1h 10 mn.

In a report, it may cause a difference between the total displayed ( which is the rounded value of the sum ) and the sum of all the rounded individual durations.

Starting form version 3.0, it is possible to choose the display format for each report, with or without seconds. This choice is taken into account when exporting the report to a spreadsheet software.

No, the current version of Timeo is not intented to operate in a network. The users directory must be located on a local drive of the computer.

A "client-server" version of Timeo is currently under development. For the moment, there is no release date planned for this version.

Unless otherwise indicated, it is not necessary to uninstall the old version of Timeo to update. Just download and install a fresh copy.

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