Projects planning


Timéo can help you to organized your working time by calculating the estimated end date of a project according to its sub-items and constraints you define as :

  • The planned start date.
  • The planned duration.
  • The desired end date.
  • The priority.
  • Predecessors ( that means : the list of items that need to be completed before the project can start ).

Based on theses parameters Timéo calculates, in real time, the start date and the end date of all your projects and sub-projects.

Projects planning

The scheduling is displayed on a grid fully customizable. It is possible to :

  • Hide or show columns.
  • Re-order columns.
  • Sort items in ascending or descendig order.
  • Hide some items.
  • Hide some items according to status "Inactive" or "Completed".

The result of scheduling can also be displayed as a Gantt chart.



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